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Title: MYRRHA Core Loading Pattern Optimization using Metaheuristics
Author(s): Jaluvka, David
Van den Eynde, Gert
Vandewalle, Stefan
Keywords: in-core fuel management optimization
loading pattern optimization
genetic algorithm
ant colony optimization
Issue Date: May-2013
Publication type: In-proceedings paper
Citation: Jaluvka D., Van den Eynde G., Vandewalle S.- MYRRHA Core Loading Pattern Optimization using Metaheuristics.- In: Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems (ICENES), Madrid, Spain, 26-30 May 2013, Spain, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, 2013
Abstract: The paper presents recent achievements accomplished in the development of the MYRRHA core management tool, namely implementation of Ant Colony Optimization as an optimization algorithm for solving loading pattern optimization problem. The algorithm is tested on a simple illustrative constrained MYRRHA in-core fuel management problem and the results are compared with those obtained by using Genetic Algorithm. Different forms of objective function penalization were used as a constraint handling technique.
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