Analysis of preliminary pie results for PVD coated U-7MO dispersion fuel plates irradiated in the EMPIrE experiment

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  • Gerard L. Hofmann
  • L. Jamison
  • Bei Ye
  • Zhi-Gang Mei
  • Abdellatif M. Yacout
  • Adam Robinson
  • William Hanson
  • Joseph W. Nielsen
  • Dennis D. Keiser
  • Ann Leenaers

Institutes & Expert groups

  • Argonne National Laboratory
  • INL - Idaho national Laboratory


This paper offers a preliminary evaluation of the recent post-irradiation-examination (PIE) results collected for the low enriched uranium (LEU)-molybdenum (U-Mo) dispersion fuel test, EMPIrE, with emphasis on PVD coated U-7Mo particles. The fuel swelling up to a burnup of ~80% U-235 was stable and in the expected range of values, as compared to other irradiation experiments to similar burnups. Plateaveraged non-destructive examination results did not reveal a difference in swelling performance between the 700 series plates (non-heat treated particles) and the 800 series plates (heat treated particles). Preliminary destructive examination results found that the addition of a ZrN coating on the fuel particles resulted in a reduction in the fuel-Al interaction at high burnup, as determined by comparison of a limited number of cross-section images from EMPIrE to dispersion fuel plates without coating from previous tests. The preliminary destructive examination results indicate that the condition (thickness, level of coverage, etc) of the coating may impact the level of interaction layer thickness formation in the fuel.


Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationRRFM 2020
PublisherENS - European Nuclear Society
Number of pages5
ISBN (Electronic)978-92-95064-34-8
Publication statusPublished - 15 Oct 2020
Event2020 - RRFM - European Research Reactor Conference - Online
Duration: 12 Oct 202015 Oct 2020


Conference2020 - RRFM - European Research Reactor Conference
Abbreviated titleRRFM 2020
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  • MTR, Dispersion fuel, UMo, Coating

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