Broader Approach for Fusion - Belgian Contribution - Progress Report 2011

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Belgium agreed in 2007-2009 to contribute in these 3 projects by delivering several in-kind contributions, up to an equivalent amount of 11 million EUR. The main achievements obtained during the year 2011 within the Broader Approach Belgian contribution are the following:  the fabrication of the main parts of the huge cryostat and auxiliary systems for the cold test of the Toroïdal Field Coils of the JT-60 SA Tokamak;  the fabrication, cold testing and shipment of the first RF power amplifier for the IFMIF/EVEDA prototype accelerator;  the fabrication of the main parts of the irradiation device for the HFTM modules of IFMIF (part of the validation activities);  the publication of the first results of the Lithium flow free surface modelling for the IFMIF/EVEDA target;  the cold testing of the various materials, and analysis of results, for the IFERC/DEMO R&D project on small specimen testing. The present report will give an overview of the main activities carried out during 2011 within the Belgian participation to the Broader Approach.


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Publication statusPublished - May 2012

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  • Broader Approach, fusion, collaboration, ITER, Tokamak, IFMIF, EVEDA, irradiation facility, cryostat, cold testing, RF power amplifier, HFTM, LFTM, Lithium flow, surface modelling, IFERC/DEMO

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