Chapter 3 - Effets biologiques des rayonnements ionisants. Biologische effecten van ioniserende straling

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At the crossroads of different disciplines, the Radiobiology explores the biological effects of ionising radiation, their consequences at the molecular and cellular levels, including the alterations in the development and organisation of the tissues. The main fields of applications of radiobiological research (radioprotection radiotherapy and nuclear medicine) are closely related with public health. In terms of radioprotection, the effects ove mainly concentrated on the effects of low doses and low dose rates. The first etimates of maks were obtained by extra pslahing the results obtained after exposition to high doses. In to the rapid progresses of nuclear genetics, several genes inducible by radiation have been identified so far. Genetic makers of increased susapibility could be discovered leading to the identification of individuals showing a higher risk of radiation-induced cancer than the normal population.


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Title of host publication"Rayonnements Ionisants: Effets de faibles doses. Ioniserende straling - effecten van lage dosissen. Chap. 3 Effets biologiques des rayonnements ionisants. Biologische effecten van ioniserende straling."
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Publication statusPublished - 1996


  • ionising radiation - low dose effects, radiobiology, DNA repair, deterministic effects, stockastic effects, adaptive response

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