Design and Shielding for a future Moon Habitat

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  • Alexander Nieuwborg

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Recent advances in space technology, backed by political and commercial commitments, reignited the interest in lunar exploration. For facilitating lunar exploration, the necessity of a lunar outpost emerges. This thesis will explore a lunar outpost design strategy and innovative shielding solutions by applying design thinking methodologies supported by multidisciplinary input from radiobiologists, neuroscientists, astrophysicists, physicists space architects, bio-engineers, aerospace engineers, architects and industrial designers. It includes extensive literature research regarding the lunar environment, space radiation shielding and space architecture, shielding tests with mycomaterials, co-creation and a design phase. By using a multidisciplinary approach an innovative lunar outpost strategy emerged, named the International Lunar Outpost (ILO). The ILO focusses on creating a realistic modular and expandable concept. The design strategy allows for multilateral cooperation, scalability, iterative development and variation while being technically and economically feasible.


Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 10 Jun 2019


  • Moon base, radiation protection, radiation shielding, astronaut's health

ID: 5381000