Development and testing of a bulk tungsten tile for the JET divertor

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  • T. Hirai
  • E. Bondarchuk
  • A.I. Borovkov
  • Th. Koppitz
  • J. Linke
  • Ph. Mertens
  • O. Neubauer
  • A. Panin
  • V. Philipps
  • G. Pintsuk
  • S. Sadakov
  • R.W. Steinbrech
  • B. Schweer
  • Inge Uytdenhouwen
  • R. Vaen
  • U. Samm
  • R. Sievering

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The ITER-like wall project has been launched to design, manufacture and test all the necessary components in view of their installation in a dedicated shutdown 2008–09. One of the R&D activities in the frame of the project is the development of a concept of an inertially cooled bulk W component for the JET divertor. Two options were studied as the concepts, (i) W/CFC brazing design which consists of W blocks on a carbon fibre composite (CFC) tile; (ii) W lamellae design, which is a mechanical assembly of several stacks of W blades. Both concepts were realized as test tiles and tested under high heat flux loading. The lamellae test tile showed a high performance fulfilling the requirements. Finally, the lamellae concept was chosen to be the primary solution and comprehensive numerical analyses were performed for the further optimization of the concept.


Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)144-149
JournalPhysica Scripta
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2007


  • ITER like wall, JET, tungsten, divertor

ID: 384957