Gamow-Teller decay population of 64Ni levels in the decay of 1+ 64Co

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  • Dieter Pauwels
  • D. Radulov
  • W.B. Walters
  • I.G. Darby
  • H. De Witte
  • I. Diriken
  • D.V. Fedorov
  • V.N. Fedosseev
  • L.M. Fraile
  • M. Huyse
  • U. Koester
  • B.A. Marsh
  • M.D. Seliverstov
  • A.M. Sjodin
  • P. Van den Bergh
  • J. Van de Walle
  • P. Van Duppen
  • M. Venhart
  • K. Wimmer

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The 64Co beta-decay feeding levels in the well-studied 64Ni nucleus were investigated. Whereas the previously known 64Co decay scheme merely contained 2 gamma rays, the decay scheme established in this work contains 18, of which 5 are observed in this work and 6 were previously observed in an (n,gamma) study but not placed in the 64Ni level scheme. Surprisingly, one additional level—placed at an excitation energy of 3578.7 keV—could be determined. The observed beta-decay paths involve allowed nf5/2→pf7/2 and np1/2→pp3/2 transitions. Three strongly fed levels around 4 MeV are interpreted to possess possible proton-intruder character.


Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)064318-064318
JournalPhysical Review C
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 20 Dec 2012


  • beta decay study, 64Co decay to 64Ni, 64Ni level scheme, nuclear structure, ISOLDE experiment

ID: 176106