Gamow-Teller Transitions and beta-decay Half-life in Proton Rich pf-shell Nuclei

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  • Fujita Y
  • Adachi T
  • Blank B
  • von Brentano P
  • Berg GPA
  • Fujita H
  • Fujita K
  • Hatanaka K
  • Nakanishi K
  • Negret A
  • Lucia Popescu
  • Rubio B
  • Shimbara Y
  • Shimizu Y
  • Tameshinge Y
  • Tamii A
  • Yosoi M
  • Zell K.O.

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In violent neutrino-induced reactions at the core-collapse stage of type II supernovae, Gamow-Teller (GT) transitions starting from stable as well as unstable pf-shell nuclei play important roles. In the beta-decay study of these unstable pf-shell nuclei, half-lives can be measured rather accurately. On the other hand, in high-resolution (3He,t) charge-exchange reactions at 0 degrees, individual GT transitions up to high excitations can be studied. Assuming the isospin symmetry for the strengths of Tz, = +/- 2 -> +/- 1 analogous GT transitions, we present a "merged analysis" for the determination of GT transition strengths starting from proton-rich Tz = -2 nuclei. We applied this analysis to the A = 52, T = 2 system, and it was found that the GT transitions and the properties of the 52Ni beta decay can be understood better by combining the mirror GT strength distribution obtained from the 52Cr(3He,t) reaction.


Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationTours Symposium on Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics - VII
Place of PublicationMelville, New York, United States
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2010
EventTours Symposium on Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics - VII - Kobe, Japan
Duration: 16 Nov 200920 Nov 2009

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NameAIP Conference Proceedings


ConferenceTours Symposium on Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics - VII


  • nuclear physics, isospin symmetry, charge-exchange reactions, beta decay

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