Risk perception of the Belgian population. Results of the public opinion survey in 2009

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The SCK•CEN 2009 risk perception barometer is based on over 1000 Computer Assisted Personal Interviews, taken from persons selected to be representative for the Belgian 18+ population, and all realized in the period July and August 2009. An additional sample , N = 100 is taken from the for the population living in the communities of Lambusart and Wanfercée-Baulet in the municipality of Fleurus. Besides the classical background variables used to obtain the quota for representatively (age, language, habitat, gender and social class), we also included a series of questions assessing the communication and sociological context. The main topics in the survey were i) risk perception and confidence in authorities; ii) Attitude towards science and technology and attitudes toward nuclear energy; iii) stakeholders engagement; iv)acceptance of legal norms for food products; v) media use; vi) evaluation of nuclear actors; vii) psychometric risk characteristics; viii) safety behaviour and anomy; ix) knowledge about nuclear domain; x) risk communication; xi) consumer's attitude towards food with radioactive contamination. Some of the questions asked in 2009 are similar to those enquired in the SCK barometer of 2006 and 2002, in order to study the time evolution of the risk perception associated with various issues.


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Publication statusPublished - Feb 2010

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  • public opinion survey, risk perception, communication, countermeasures, stakeholders, attitudes towards nuclear

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