Triage, monitoring and treatment of people after malevolent exposure to ionizing radiation - a handbook

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  • Alicja Jaworska
  • Carlos Rojas Palma
  • Astrid Liland
  • Ane Jerstad
  • George Etherington
  • Alan Hodgson
  • Mike Youngman
  • Maria del Rosario Pérez
  • Zhanat Carr
  • Tua Rahola
  • Maarit Muikku
  • Phil Kruse
  • Klaas van der Meer
  • Genowefa Smagala
  • Pawel Krajewski

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In scenarios involving a malevolent use of radiation, members of the public may be exposed to dif-ferent types of radiations, and exposures may vary from very low level to substantial. These expo-sures may occur in combination with conventional injuries. For an adequate rapid response to such acts easy-to-use practical tools are needed to address the potentially significant health consequences, using European guidelines covering triage to treatment and long term follow up of affected individu-als.


Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1-2
JournalNATO HFM-099/RTG-033 2008
Publication statusPublished - 31 Dec 2008


  • Radiation Bio-Effects, Radio-Protectors, Radiological Hazards, Injury Assessment & Protection, Bio-Dosimeters & Indicators, Diagnostics, Radiation Pathologies/Diseases, radiobiology, medical countermeasures, treatment of radiation injury, biological dosimetry, carcinogenesis, depleted uranium

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